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e2 Do Pain Killers Fool You That You Have More Pain Than You Do? w/ Dr Manny Vito

Doc Says Opioids Are More Likely to Kill Than Automobiles

Join me as I sit down in the studio with Dr Manny Vito, Scranton PA Chiropractor who has seen his share of the opioid crisis right within the 4 walls of his 20+ year practice, where it has hit home, rock bottom and floated back to the top.

Listen to the pitfalls of the opioid roller coaster and how its statistics are worse than car wrecks and what he has done himself to turn things around. He even tells about a miracle he witnessed with someone he worked with personally.

If you have a friend or loved one with a potential opioid addiction or have ever taken pain killers, you need to hear this. There is hope!!!!

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